Visual guides for windows

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Guides v1.3

Welcome to Visual Guides for Windows. This program is designed to provide intractive guide lines over any programs in Windows to help you line things up and generally design better.

To get started, simply run Guides.exe.

Mouse Input

  • Middle-click anywhere on-screen to crate a linear guide there.
  • Hold CTRL and Middle-click to create a circle guide centered on your cursor.
  • Middle-click a guide again to remeove it.
  • Left-click on or near (within 6 pixels) the guide to drag it around. Note that if you click on the guide itself, it will block the click from the program below. The cursor will change to a finger to let you know you this is the case.
  • Right-click a line guide to swap horizontal/vertical.
  • Right-click-drag a line guide to rotate a guide freely.
  • Right-click a rotated line guide in-place to return to vertical/horizontal orientation
  • Right-click-drag a circle guide to scale it
  • Right-click-drag while holding shift on a circle guide to scale it using the place where you clicked as an anchor point
  • Hold alt while doing the above to freeze the guide in place while you scale it

Mouse Wheel

  • Hold shift and use the mouse wheel with a linear guide active (cyan) to move horizontal or vertical guides.
  • Holding shift and using mouse wheel with a circle guide active will scale it.
  • Scaling a circle guide with the wheel while you're in anchor scale mode will switch scale control to the wheel until you release the mouse button
  • Hold Alt while mouse-wheeling for more precise movement
  • Hold Ctrl while mouse-wheeling for coarse movement.

Mouse Input

  • Alt + Ctrl + c will clear all guides
  • Alt + Ctrl + p will pause mouse input so you don't accidentally move or remove your guides.
  • Alt + Ctrl + h will toggle show/hide the guides.
  • Alt + Ctrl + q will quit the app.

You can exit the program from the tray icon it creates, or by using the icon on the taskbar. If the window is focused (either click on the tray icon or click a guide) Alt+F4 will work too :)


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